Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Concentration Training (2)

Bonus scuttling, candid cowardice?

Wall street regents and nobles ran crazy to scuttle their lion shares of bonuses last year wishing for pardon.

Last month, Goldman Sachs were about to christen their new treasure galleon, for good.

Landwehr pleaded for re-address of social responsibility. The noble ones on board of the galleon again defended themselves with spirit of contract. Clearly, the Tower of Babel was deserted for a reason.

There is nothing more pleasing for a bystander seeing one party standing against what they consider to be wrong opposing the other standing for what they consider to be right.

In years of blood and violence, navy men and officers scuttled their vessels of war in face of desperation. Such acts received commendation for courage and patriotism.

In years of falling statues and shaken hearts, managers and CEO scuttled their deserved bonuses in face of life threats and public outcry. Such acts had given them extended life expectancy and moments of peace of mind.

Having compared their scuttling acts, the only conclusive similarity is the pyhrric victory of the respect for the born bravery of soul.

Candid cowardice is an approach to save souls of their own. It proves wrongs were actually right, by making sense to imminence of threats and the toll paid for their own sense-making process.

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C.M. said...

Focus 8/20
Time spent 4/20
Originality 4/20
Grammar 6/10
Structure 4/10
Choice of words 4/10
Approach 2/10

Total 32/100