Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The ebb of the innocent

The ebb of socializing bloggers

The new bloggers are liberators, seldom rescuers; enforcers, seldom correctors; social beings, seldom socializing beings;

We changed the atmosphere of blogging and reshape the way we are going to act, eventually the way we think and in turn the way we are.

This is the psychological transformation and unfolding through "auto" behavioral modifications.

Seldom we are transformed into what we should be, often, into what we should not be. Sometimes we are transformed into what we wanted to be, also, into what we didn't wish to be.

The ebb of brotherhood

By the time we argue what we should be and what we are supposed to be, we resist. We resist to re-examine status quo, ourselves and simply persistently, if not superstitiously, convey everyone we are what we are. No experiment, no evidence and all conclusions.

No judge, no jury and all executioners.

We don't want to be controlled, even by ourselves.

The ebb of childhood

IMAGINE you are about to make a slight deviation from the original course you believe you are heading. You believe things might go wrong and even you believe you are going wrong. Fear started to seize you.

Let's look all over you. WHAT is wrong? Why care so much about wrongs? Am I afraid of being wrong?

The ebb of maturity

It's not signalling nor projecting yourself nor anything related to conspicuous consumption. It's simply how and how much you understand yourself.

The ebb of direction

Positive deviants are change initiators and pioneers of a better world. Not all deviants are positive, neither are they constructive. While there are negative deviants, the positive counterparts stand out by being recognized as a civilised example, as a figure for mass learning. Education helps people differentiate the positives from the negative ones.

The ebb of ...



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