Thursday, June 21, 2007

Quoted: from me to someone I care


...But it is out of my ability to express my true feelings (sensational) in words as fluent as you and most bloggers do. In argumentative statements, my reaction is more straightforward and responsive. That’s why if you’ve ever seen me commenting, I tends to argue instead of making a compliment.

Yes, I like making compliments. Because many of you is worthy of it. Say, {names of a few bloggers}, … I really like the way you write – so comforting, so moving, so full of meaning and so “literal”. I very wish to comment but C.M. is so limited in this kind of speech. Perhaps, I am just a factory product of the science streams.

... Share your situation with your close friend – talk, don’t write! Get a cup of coffee and talk. Perhaps this cup won’t help solving the situation in your job, but it would surely help loosen up your overstretched soul. ...

... I would feel guilty of my inability to help you out. I would also feel great if I were daydreaming of you seeing sunshine. ...

(Grammatical mistakes and wrong choice of words are just too ordinary for me. But you guys would be very welcome to point them out.)

P.S. My brain turns into a fluffy fur ball. It just stops working.


dog said...

Valuable! Thanks for share!

s-pig said...

唔係呀,我覺得你都唔算唔識同人溝通呀...我覺得,經常保持positive thinking同對人straightforward就ok啦...都唔洗太刻意既...

dog said...

Fortune... Just an end result ... Invest or gamble? Just like mining, u will never know what's under... (hints given already!)

samsara said...

>>a factory product of the science streams.

me2, but science training makes me a lot more logical and allow me to access the facinating scientific world. This is pretty good too.

>>Share your situation with your close friend – talk, don’t write!

well, depends on the situations. If you need somebody to be with you, silent supports, hugs, understandings, sure, go to friends.

But if you need to clarify your fuzzy ideas, writing is a lot better.

CM哥哥, 你做乜咁多野諗?人只可以自救.你依排,真係唔開心既時間多d喎.

on dog said...




on dog said...

係"假", 唔係"價"...


ak said...

On Dog兄,




C.M. said...








二,因為呢排舊病又復發(斷斷續續,持續數月),但不想大家擔心(Errr,查實,想休息下... 你明嘛),依家轉睇中醫,睇下能否有改善〉。但心情真的麻麻。所以正強逼自己樂觀d同開心d。



你呢d 蒲頭法,好多人都唔多滿意播(扯埋其他人落水,查實只係得我)。

你講得啱,真係滿,去到盡,想進一步都有困難,年紀大卦(當然知道AK兄另有所指啦,不過比小弟借題發揮一下,Thanks! 不過,有人話太抽象,好難明播,我寧願支筆好似你同渣Sir咁就好嘞)

samsara said...






C.M. said...



但係你個問題真係好深... 無計,我自己嘛... 惟有寄望於大大老闆身上。


Karen (Sze) said...

(I promise CM that I will use my "Bad" English to reply CM's message, so please don't mind. Thanks.)

Dear CM:

I read your message and I fully understand your feeling.

I feel that you are being unhappy because you said you are "a factory product of the science streams". Everyone has his/her unique characteristics and communication styles. No one could fully "copy" of your characteristics and style.

"Share your situation with your close friend – talk, don’t write!" Agree with Samsara's say. Sometime I write (if the situation is minor and in details), but sometimes I speak (if too sensitive and private). If you say your communication skill is bad, I think I am being worse than you!)

"My brain turns into a fluffy fur ball. It just stops working.": My lovely "elder brother", give youself a break, either in your work or your life. Sometimes, I feel my brain is not being "work", as I think something "too much". Therefore, I tend to relax myself by doing exercise or having asleep.

Are you being better? Please take care of yourself. Take it easy! ^_^

Yours, Karen

C.M. said...


Thanks for your understanding.

My fur ball had just stopped spinning yesterday, so I, as you advised, give this fur ball a break yesterday and have a sleep for over 18 hours.

Thanks my dear Karen. I'm getting better. Living with ailment for life has made me treasure more the days of living without it. I usually miss my cup of coffee when I recover (again).

Yun said...

Are you being too humble. This piece is very well written. ^^

I think sometimes write, is because I have too much things in my head that I don't really want to bother other people to listen to my nonsenses. But yes, talking to friends are important. Of course. Blogging is a good outlet to let go of all the crazy thoughts. hehe. :P

not sure if you will read this, but I want to say that, we need to recognize our positive AND negative emotions. You're right, we are only humans, there's no way (I think) that we won't have any negative thoughts. I think it's okay, as long as we recognizing them, and maybe try our best to improve. But accepting ourselves of who we are and just be content of who we are is important.

C.M. said...

Dear Yun,

Thank you for your flattering!

Yes, I very much agree that sharing with friends is important, particularly, when one is about to get stumbled.