Friday, June 29, 2007

P&L ending FY07

Last night I write myself a checklist for the last 10 years. Yes, there are gains and losses. Some gains are realized and losses are cut. The result... is a mess.

At home, a series of decisive victories (but Pyrrhic victories expected in the 20 years ahead)

2001 - Away from parents... far far away... (ha ha ha!)
2003 - A splendid and vivid wife
2006 - A naughty and hungry daughter
2007, June - A dark small confined space (it's actually not a space... just a cage)
2007, June - First father's day (what's the good of celebrating?)

At work, let's see...

2000 - Pickett's Charge
2003, until - Spanish Ulcer (Thank God. We survived the dark days)
2004 - Dunkirk (Goodbye, Alan)
2004, late - Exile to Elba
2005, early - Waterloo (This time I played Blucher!)
2006, until - Behold! Gustavus II! (My name at Lutzen was carved out of blood and molten iron.)
Present - Bismarck in the North Sea (yeah, she's being chased after by Ark Royal)

Financially, I've gone berserk! (~&$&!*$@&~*%#&~%!@*^%*$!)

Socially, friends are forever. (Shall we get together? No la, I got business on Sunday.)

Psychologically, the counsellor said I had made good progress.

Physically, I need a bed all day. (But the hospital ward is too dark for me...)

Blogally ...... I've lost my mind ...... would there be a more soothing checklist 10 years after?

C.M. just can't imagine if such a checklist can be written after 40 years. But anyway, he is optimistic of that. And he is wishing all of you having read this post wouldn't go berserk.

(One had gone berserk.)
Little Pearl said she didn't quite understand. Right, C.M. doesn't quite understand too.

He doesn't understand this "milestone". He doesn't understand how this milestone had changed him anything. But he does understand history is in effect. What he can do is to give a milestone for himself, so that... he know what he should do in the coming 40 years (hopefully there will be).
(Two more had gone berserk ... after this post)
Moon's grandmother had left us just tonight. She shall never meet that "sort of" milestone. To Moon and Mule, every day is a milestone.


xiao zhu said...


on dog said...


Ten years are a long time, but just passed like in a "nullshell".

Milestone is just like a pit of Tuborg... you must have been gone so far and so far and suddenly, you sit down with some friends, take a break, order a pit of Tuborg..... relax and drink it rapidly...and so, the feeling is so.....


See your heading of this post..."P&L ending FY07". My years of stupid professional training forces me to say something...:

P&L: Profit and Loss Account, but now is stated to be "Income Statement".

Ending: not ended, but ending....if you intend to take 30/6/2007 as your closing date, so there is still 1 more day to go. The use of "ending" is very appropriate and professional! Man!

FY: Financial Year? Or the "F" word stands for what we guys usually mean everyday....hehe!

Last, CM, wishes you to have a "meaningful" 10 years more ahead. I just say 10 years, since after that, I will give another 10 years wishes to you and your family. But one condition, drink white wine with me, and drink Whisky with AK! Ha Ha Ha!

on dog said...

Besides, I had boomed several "Bismarck" in Battlefield 1942!

Karen (Sze) said...

Dear CM:

About your P&L, although some of them are not easily understand (especially: At work & Financially), I knew your loss and gain in your list.

Same as you, my result... is a mess. I hope I will take time to list (but I just posted about something to myself, could help me).

I felt very sorry to hear that your wife's grandmother had left your family and her family last night. The deep sorrow is fully understandable.

May Moon's grandmother rest in peace. Take all of you care.

Yours, Karen

Marshmallow said...


C.M. said...




咁牙...咁改做“Outcome Statement”得唔得呀?多謝你提點播。(會計,又係小弟死穴...)

FY...哈哈!!中!一定係ending 30/6 la!不過之前小弟諗個F,咪就係我地呢班麻甩用開既意思囉!

但係查實呢十年又唔算好XXXking,所以,不如就當係Fascinating Year 喇。

On 兄,願你未來廿年都On On 直直,但又可以一帆風順,充滿生機!(你個酒鬼...算啦,舉杯消愁,今晚來樽Diamond Black!)

On 兄,咁BF1942 又有冇得用MP40,Luger,Panzerfaust同埋Panzerkampfwagen 既呢?


For my "At work", I've tried to visualize the feeling through these historical figures and events. As you may see, C.M. is always on the run with defeats after defeats.

Financially... let's say: when you got three persons to feed, two persons to make tribute, dozens of bills to pay, monthly red bombs, annual red pockets... then will you go berserk?

My dear grandma (in-law) too. Thank you very much. She had been living with pain in the last two years. I feel sorry for her. Miss her much... Thanks.



Samsara said...


你個blog,真係眼訓少少都唔睇得,不過今次我真係totally lost啦。


又,希望Moon Moon節哀順變,唔好太難過,CM哥哥你要多d關心Moon Moon啊,乖吓!

C.M. said...


多謝你呀。小妹嫲嫲件事,好快就處理左,不過,一旦牽涉到錢,真係好傷感情。小妹同佢d弟弟都好傷心點解仲要為左過去既事情而耿耿於懷,唔可以全心先傾好嫲嫲既事,再搞其他枝節... 我雖不在場,但都覺得又火滾又傷心。

妹妹,唔好笑我啦。我呢d Er Da Liu,但求日有三餐(我同小妹共分一餐,小女兩餐),都安安樂樂囉。以小弟既性格...唉。


Yun said...

about "轉台"... I used to blog mostly in English, only blogged in Chinese once in a while. But I guess I've been reading too many Chinese blogs lately, that I start to think in Chinese more... :)

> 2007, June - First father's day (what's the good of celebrating?)

Nothing much really, it's just another way the consumers can spend more money loh...

It's always good to reflect.

C.M. said...


>>the consumers can spend more money

That's why I'm trying to evade this day loh...

I've also been reading your Chinese blogs, they are as moving as the English ones!

Yun said...

Ohh... thank you! You're too kind to say that. I know I'm not the writing type. But blogging helps me to process my thoughts. As more people are reading it, sometimes I get a little pressured about my (poor) writing skill. But I keep reminding myself that I should always write for myself. And it's a bonus if someone actually want to read. :)

So thank you for reading. ^^

C.M. said...


Your writings are fine! At least, I as a reader, have been reading yours with a fine mood.

Yun said...

you are so kind! :)