Tuesday, February 10, 2009


小瓶子 tag 了我。因不明所以部分問題,所以略作修改。

1. What is your name : C.M.

2. A four Letter Word : Cool

3. My boy's Name : Crazy, the

4. My girl's Name : Crazier, the even

5. My occupation : Caretaker, Machinery

6. My favorite color : Cyan, Misty

7. Something you'll wear : Clover Leaf

8. Something you'll do : Choking

9. My favorite food : Cooked Crane, well done

10. Something found in my bathroom : Crazy and Crazier, with splashes

11. My favorite place : Computer's desk

12. My favorite reason for being late : Collateral Damage

13. Something you'd shout : Come back!

14. My favorite movie : "Can't think of any"

15. Something you drink : Champ, Baby

16. My favorite musical group : Carpenters, The

17. My favorite animal : Chicken, wings, steamed, a bit of salt, no soy sauce

18. A street name : "Can you tell me what the heck this question is intended for?"

19. My favorite type of car : Crash-free, Cheap, Convertible

20. My favorite song : Careless Mistake


小瓶子 said...

>>> My favorite movie

How about "Cinderella" or "Casablanca" ?

>>> A street name

Actually, any street name you can think of with inital "C", e.g. "Canton Road".

Thanks for playing this crazy tag.

C.M. said...

Haha, it's actually my first time being tag.

Within 5 mins, I hardly think of any movie... it's really unrelated to me. (so I have to change most of the quick question before moving on)

Street name is ... gosh, my RAM can hardly function well at my age.

HollyCow said...

咁我用真名一話筆名?No Name 定 ID呀?

C.M. said...


HollyCow said...


C.M. said...


HollyCow said...


C.M. said...


HollyCow said...

OK OK, 孤寒No more!
Here is my latest photo.

C.M. said...

有冇張著番多d衫架... 吾不欲觀之矣...