Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Childhood in the house

Everyone in the house is sleeping. It is very quiet. I like a quiet morning.

Good morning, my good day. Good morning, Mrs. Smith.

I know I must work word. I know everyone counts on me.

I wash. I dress but cannot find my shoes. Don't let Mrs. Smith know about it. Mrs. Smith said shoes are for work. No one wears sandals to work.

I wrap my feet with paper. My sandals become shoes. Good morning, my new shoes. Let's go, to work.

I decide to bring the cup with me to work. Do you know everyone brings cup to work? Ha ha, only I know.

The morning is so quiet.

I wait for the clock to work. I like clock. Its hand is always moving. It is always quiet.

I see time. Time walks very slowly.

Good morning, time.

Do you run? I can run with you. If you can run, you can work with me.

Time does not speak. It is so quiet. My cup of water is cold. Oh.

I see wind. Wind runs very fast.

Good morning, wind.

You run so fast. Can you teach time to run? I want time to work with me. Time cannot catch up.

I see darkness. Everywhere is dark.

Good morning, darkness.

I cannot see wind. I cannot see time. Can I see again? I need to go to work.

I shout and open my eyes. I can see again. But time is gone and wind is gone.

I walk after time and run after wind. I get back to work.

People counts on me. I work. I like the broom. It is very light. I like the basket. It is very big. Wind is working with me. It brings dust to the basket. Time is working with me. The dust flies slowly, in the air. I am happy.

Mrs. Smith is very wise. She is the key keeper. Everyone in the house likes her.

She is smiling at me. I know I am good. I like Mrs. Smith.

Please tell Mrs. Smith I can go.

(by an anonymous child)


Anonymous said...

Mr. Smith VS Mrs. Smith, or Agent Smith in Matrix?

Hello! Mr. Smith!

Karen (Sze) said...

Hi, Mr. Smith.

I have another answer:

Maybe Mr. Smith Vs Mrs. Smith (same as On Dog)


Mr. Smith - Mr. CM
Mrs. Smith - Mrs. CM


Well, we could see Mr. Smith is a polite person (Good morning, xxx) and he could feel some very small things.

C.M. said...

Goodness! I ain't no Mr. Smith!

Oops, I've forgotten... This piece is written by a child.

海火火女 said...

Good clocks are also very precise! They are trustable friends!

怒火眼睛 said...

It is a very nice piece of article! I bet the little writer will make a good writer someday :D

C.M. said...

Girl of Fire:

Good friends are also very trustable! Good clocks tell you the time, good friends tell you where you are.

Eyes of Wrath:

I copied out this piece long ago. I remember the author was a deaf child. But I don't quite remember if this child actually wrote this piece in a ward (likely a paedi-psychiatric ward).